Risk Consulting can offer you solutions in the scope of consulting services, as well as tools for all the challenges that IFRS 9 delivers in the future. Our practical knowledge means clients can expect a professional solution based on a significant global and CEE region experience that will be completely tailored to the size, complexity and preference of each client

Recovery plans

By introducing a mandatory preparation of the recovery plans, regulators require full integration of these plans into risk management systems, which involves a large engagement of resources at the entire organization level. Our experience in the field of recovery plans preparation will help you in setting adequate indicators and placing the adequate level of limits in order to cover the entire spectrum of stress. Analyzing recovery options, their enforceability and actual effects. We are here to provide you with support in understanding the supervisory review of the plan and to ensure continuous improvement of the recovery plan.

Scoring models

In the modern business of financial institutions, scoring models are one of the most important tools for improving the business. They can be applied in many spheres of business, credit risk management, productivity increase, cost reduction, improvement of sales, retention of existing clients, etc. Team of experienced professionals at Risk Consulting can assist you to setting up and develop scoring model for any of the above-mentioned needs

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Budget & Planning

Preparation of adequate plans/budgets becomes a necessity at the time where economic cycles are noticeably shortening. In this context, adequate risk management includes accurate plans for the development of key risk indicators. Our services include the establishment of the planning process considering the quality of credit portfolio and the LCR indicators. The level of details is tailored to the complexity of business activities and management needs, for adequate monitoring of business results on one side, and the risk level on the other.

Regulatory reporting

Constant evolution of Basel standards has imposed the challenge of adequate distribution of funds and resources participating in development of internal systems, due to a need of additionally monitoring liquidity through 2 new ratios (Basel III). We are here to help you to determine the need for development of information systems for monitoring new regulatory ratios; how to prepare for a new way of monitoring credit and operational risk due to the introduction of Standardized Measurement Approach (SMA) and their impact on capital requirements.

Capital management

In the light of the development of Basel standards, capital becomes a scarce resource that requires constant and adequate governance. New regulatory requirements raise pressure for additional capital. Our role is to provide support in the preparation of methodologies and the matrix for determining materially significant risks. Comprehensive examination and improvement of the ICAAP process with emphasis on the review of the risk weighted assets calculation process and proposed ways for potential savings. Integration of ICAAP into decision making and management process.

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IFRS 9 Tool

In response to identified challenges, our solution is covering a complete provisioning process

EWS Tool

Early warning system (EWS) represents a set of rules, procedures and models with adequate tools that are used to recognize clients who are potentially problematic, based on the historical information and considering the characteristics of each individual client.

NPL Management Tool

Management of problematic claims on individual level may significantly affect the profitability of the financial institution. Increasing the efficiency of collection is directly affecting the profit, while implementation of the tool that monitors the whole process reduces its high costs.

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